Bonjour and welcome to our website! Rue 3 allows every client to enter a world full of unforgettable experiences. Everything we do is meant to be memorable, unique and fun! We create an atmosphere based on the philosophy of recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Rue 3 Entertainment is ready to partner with you to exceed your expectations making each event a success. With over 17 years of Music and Entertainment experience ensuring the client has a good time is just second nature.We understand choosing music for any event can be a nerve-wracking task. When people are gathered at any soiree, sound becomes a game of psychological warfare where one bad tune on a sloppy set list can instantly wreck the mood. Yet with our DJ veterans of Rue 3 Entertainment, finding fitting sounds has been our second nature for over 17 years. Sparing clients from the hassle of iTunes itineraries or carpal turntable syndrome, our crew at Rue 3 customize our music sets to the desires of our clientele with a seemingly bottomless selection of music spanning all genres, whether it's a hip-hop party, a religious family reunion, or a convention of heavy metal-loving cowboys.

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